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One of the most important issues in decoration is color harmony... Buy the most beautiful furniture; Even if you use the trendiest accessories, you may face a complete fiasco if you do not match the color. There may be something bothering you about a home decoration that has been carefully created by choosing great furniture. When you look at it, you cannot understand what causes this discomfort. You have to look again and again, in fact everything is quite stylish and high quality, but what is the point of discomfort? The answer to this question is ninety percent color incompatibility. In home decoration, harmonious colors are as important as furniture selection, perhaps even more important than furniture selection. The atmosphere created by incompatible colors disturbs us, can be dizzying and tiring.

If you want a single color to dominate the entire space, remember that you do not have to use the same tone of this color everywhere! You can achieve a great color harmony by using different shades of the same color on different objects in the space. For example; If the color you choose for the living room is red; You can choose red lacquer furniture such as TV unit, sideboard and dining table; For color harmony between sofa and chair, you can use neutral colors such as white or black for both. You can include white/red patterns on the carpet; You can create impressive color transitions with light red curtains and burgundy throw pillows.

You can also perform similar applications on walls. Or, you can use the furniture in neutral tones and include different shades of the color you choose in the upholstered products. You can use glass painting designs that match the furniture and carpet colors on your walls.

While bright colors can be easily combined with each other, it is not so easy to combine them with matte and soft colors. Likewise, you can easily combine matte colors. Harmonious colors in home decoration are mostly matte and pastel colors. It is necessary to use bright tones with balancing tones such as white and cream. If you do not want a white or cream color tone in your room, then you can use soft colors such as blue gray.

The colors you choose in decoration reflect your mood and tastes. When decorating a house, you must first decide what kind of atmosphere you want to create at home and what message you want to give. For example, the new trend glass paintings that you can use on your walls will add a modern atmosphere to your living spaces because the glass is bright and reflects colors well.

If you want to choose dark colors in home decoration, you must make sure that your home receives good light. Dark colored furniture is preferred, especially in rooms with large windows. In small rooms with less light, the harmony of light colors will make the room look more spacious and spacious.

We actually experience the impact that each color has on human psychology at every moment in our lives. For example, red is a color that stimulates feelings of vitality, danger, and hunger. If we look at the places where we see red most in our lives, we will see restaurants or traffic signs. The reason for this is that restaurants want to arouse the feeling of hunger in people, and traffic signs warn of caution and danger.

When we look at other colors, orange gives vitality and positivity, yellow gives warmth and energy, green gives naturalness and health, blue gives calmness and confidence, purple gives luxury and imagination, brown gives comfort and determination, black gives authority and power, and white gives the energy of purity and simplicity.

Colors are elements that help us reflect our perspective on life, our tastes, and our personal characteristics. When we think about our lives, our skin color, eye color and hair color are among the features that best reflect us to the outside world. Compatible colors are among the issues we pay most attention to when choosing our clothes and furniture in our home. It is possible to say that the tastes of those who prefer contrasting colors as well as harmonious colors are at play at this point. For example, it will not be possible to see bright and vibrant color combinations in the home decoration of someone who loves pastel tones. Among the colors that go well with each other, the most preferred colors are red and white, followed by black and white.

In order to achieve harmony throughout the house, choose a basic wall color to use in all rooms and create a color palette that is more eye-catching but still compatible with the wall color for furniture, glass paintings and other decorative elements, making you happy when you enter the house and every room. You can make a home decoration that will impress you.

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