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Glass, which is a product that we can see in many places around us, is also used very frequently in decoration.

Glass is a substance obtained by melting and suddenly cooling a certain silicate mixture. Although many describe glass as a solid because it is a tangible substance, glass is actually a supercooled liquid.

Glass, which is a product that we can see in many places around us, is also used very frequently in decoration. In addition to its need-saving feature, glass decoration is used in homes, offices, stores, shopping malls and many other places.

Although the density of use is relatively less than in the past, as plastic derivatives rapidly surround us with their endless varieties and low costs, glass continues to be among the materials we use most in decoration. We're not just talking about glass's natural uses, such as windows and doors or a range of decorative items. With the influence of the development of glass technology, glass can now be seen in every aspect of our lives. It is possible to see the use of glass in every aspect of home and workplace decoration, from stair steps to tables, walls, coffee tables and even floors.

The use of glass in decoration is frequently preferred by architects because it is a functional, efficient and aesthetic material, especially for its transparency and use of natural light. In addition to adding new dimensions to architecture, it also helps to design assertive and innovative buildings.

The use of glass is shaped according to the needs of the design; When designing decoration, a neutral image is achieved by choosing high light transmittance with minimum reflection in the glasses. In order to create comfortable working environments, especially in home and office decoration, glass paintings that match the colors of the living space can be preferred to create a different atmosphere.

But why glass paintings? The answer to this question is very simple;

Despite the technological developments in the decoration sector, glass still remains the healthiest and most environmentally friendly material. Moreover, glass did not gain these special titles by chance. The superior properties of glass, its 100% recyclability and the fact that it does not interact with products make it the healthiest decoration material. Thanks to the reflection feature of glass, it combines with the light it receives and shows the colors on it brightly and vividly. In glass paintings, the image is on the back surface and this surface is coated with protective paint. Closing the glass ensures that the image can be used as vividly as the first day without fading for many years. Additionally, the ability to wipe and clean the glass from the front surface as desired provides a great advantage over paintings made of other materials.

Glass paintings have started to become a trend in many decoration areas, especially home decoration. In addition to being a very stylish alternative, especially in wall decoration, glass paintings, which offer much higher strength than paintings made of other materials of the same thickness, also attract attention as an option that provides an aesthetic and stylish appearance.

Glass paintings, which will be at the top of home decoration trends, can be wonderful decorative products that will never go out of fashion when used correctly. Glass paintings, which are especially suitable for living room and living room decoration and are in great harmony with furniture and carpets with different color options, can be a part of your home for many years. Not so long ago, twenty or thirty years ago, if you had mentioned glass paintings to an ordinary person, he would probably think you were joking or telling a joke. Glass paintings, which seem to be diametrically opposed to the wall concept, are appearing with increasing frequency today.

Glass art is actually a type of art that has been used decoratively for centuries, and especially colored and engraved glass decors can create a historical and sophisticated artistic effect in your home. In short, although glass decorations are famous for decorating windows and doors, as we stated today, with the development of technology, they will begin to take their place among the building blocks of wall decoration over time.

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